Russian Human Hair

This quality of Russian human hair is the best quality hair for hair extensions for Caucasians.It is sold in 25gram, 20 gram and 10 gram bundles.

This hair is loose.

Its fine texture matches extremely well.

Each bundle is double drawn by our in house hair professionals with over 2 decades experience in hair.

The texture can vary between batches but generally has slight movement within each bundle.

The hair will last for over 18 months or even longer if cared for correctly, the natural movement within each bundle proves it is not over processed or stripped of its natural state.

Most hair sold today much cheaper than our list price and labelled as Russian is over processed and extremely straight  and becomes ‘dead’ looking within a matter of weeks and will not be of Russian origin.

To provide the colours we offer this hair does have to be dyed.

This hair is not mass produced like cheap alternatives, is not tipped or wefted it is only sold loose .

The cuticles are correctly aligned.

Please choose from the weight options below.

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